Strategic Investor Relations: Building Shareholder Value Through Positive Interactions

Capital Market Relations can assist your investor relations effort in several areas:

IR Planning services work in conjunction with our Strategic Communications practice to ensure that all of your company’s activities that face capital markets are presented in a positive light. This service is intended to establish goals and processes for proactive involvement with capital market participants.

Shareholder Presentation Development services are an important staple of a successful IR effort. The shareholder presentation should be integrated into the IR Planning and Shareholder Interaction services. The Shareholder Presentation should incorporate your “investor brand” in its base in order to effectively showcase your company at the first point of contact.

Shareholder Interaction services are intended to integrate various forms of involvement with shareholders in support of your company’s capital market activities. We maintain consistency between this practice and our other Strategic Communications, Strategic Finance, and Strategic Situations practices because real shareholder involvement touches on each of these core practice areas.

Shareholder Outreach services promote direct contact with existing and prospective shareholders. We effectively “spread the word” about your company and proliferate your “investor brand” to a broad base of capital market participants. This service is designed to be complementary to our Target Press Release, Social & Digital Media, Shareholder Interaction, and Shareholder Presentation Development services.

Road Show Preparation and Scheduling services offer another way for you to increase your investor presence. These services can be used in conjunction with our Shareholder Outreach services in order to provide another means to increase overall company exposure to the widest range of capital market participants.

SEC Document Review services are available to assist in the preparation of regular SEC filings and provide assessments as to the effects of these filings with regards to your company’s capital market activities. However, these services are not intended to replace your legal, audit, or compliance reviews.