Strategic Communications: Building Shareholder Value Through Proactive Communications

Capital Market Relations can assist your strategic communications effort in several areas:

Intelligent Company Positioning
This service focuses on crafting and delivering a message that is consistent with your company’s overall value proposition. This message will become the foundation for your “investor brand” and all communications that support a variety of capital markets activities.

Targeted Press Release
This can provide valuable insights into how your communications will be received by others with an emphasis on capital market participants. It supports the full lifecycle of written communications and works in conjunction with the “investor brand” for Intelligent Company Positioning in order to develop a schedule to draft, produce, and deliver effective press releases that engage capital market participants.

Social and Digital Media
These services make use of new media to extend your communication efforts. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube there are new cost-effective avenues for your company to reach investors. These avenues provide exciting new “launch pads” for your company to showcase your “investor brand.” At the same time, they are also great “landing pads” for investors to learn about your company.

Our mitigation services establish plans and undertake actions to deal with various contingencies. Often, companies react to problems after they occur with “damage control” techniques that are met by punishing capital markets. Our goal is to tailor situational plans that combine the strengths of our Strategic Communication, Strategic IR, and Strategic Finance practices into actionable programs before problems occur and to mobilize these programs whenever needs arise. No one wants insurance, but everyone needs it.