Strategic Analysis: Building Shareholder Value Through Corporate Expansion

Capital Market Relations can assist your company analyze and execute strategic acquisitions:

Valuation Analysis services give insights into what assets are worth. This offering is useful to compare your valuation with other businesses to prepare for board meetings, shareholder meetings, and other purposes where you want to compare your company to another. It is also useful to value acquisition targets, asset purchases and disposals, and other financial actions. Our Valuation services are typically used in conjunction with the offerings in our Strategic Finance practice and also with our Shareholder Interaction and Shareholder Outreach Services.

Market Analysis services define addressable opportunities. Does your company compete in a growing market, or are you thinking of entering a new market? Investing in your business requires resources and time. Whether you enter a market organically, or by acquisition, it’s important to know the potential. This service evaluates current market prospects and can reduce the risk of entering new product markets and new industries. It is also complementary to the core elements of our Strategic Investor Relations and Strategic Finance practices.

Due Diligence services vet prospective partners and acquisitions. A strong partnership or a good acquisition can bring rewards to shareholders. It is important to realize that business changes will ultimately increase or decrease your valuation. Therefore, it’s important to make the best decisions. These decisions rely on both direct and indirect inputs from every constituency, including your team, your prospects, and your shareholders. Due Diligence services rely on other elements of our Strategic Finance and Strategic Analysis practices that vary on a case by case basis.

Acquisition Team services coordinate the participants in the Due Diligence process. This service helps keep everyone on point in order to drive to a successful transaction with the best possible response from capital market participants. Even a dilutive acquisition can be acceptable if the strategic value is well understood. This offering unifies an acquisition team in order to be sure that each participant maintains a “market view” from the beginning and through the conclusion of every transaction. It also relies on other elements of our Strategic Finance and Strategic Situations practices.