Strategic Finance: Building Shareholder Value Through Transparency and Insight

Capital Market Relations can assist your corporate finance activities in several areas:

Budgeting and Forecasting services employ best practices to optimize the tradeoff between investing for growth and maximizing profit. This service builds upon our Shareholder Interaction and Shareholder Outreach services to give your executive team a 360-degree view of how capital market participants might interpret your future actions. When your company’s financials are going smoothly, shareholders are happy and your company will typically enjoy a better valuation.

Restructuring Implementation services give actionable plans to streamline your business and optimize organizational efficiency in order to increase profits and improve the company’s overall valuation. Sometimes, this is the natural follow-up to an acquisition. At other times, it’s about becoming “lean and mean.” This offering builds upon our Budgeting and Forecasting services and benefits from our Shareholder Outreach and Shareholder Interaction services.

Capital Structure Optimization services evaluate the costs and benefits of alternative capital structures to determine if a better capital structure is achievable. Factors such as growth, profitability, margins, and capital strongly influence the valuation of a business. There is usually room for improvement and an optimal capital structure will benefit immensely from our Strategic Communications and Strategic Investor Relations practices.