"No IR firm has ever given us this much love."
Tom Gallagher, President Health Discovery Corp.


"Tony Robbins could learn a few things from Chris, because he is always closing!"
Morgan Frank, U.S. Hedge Fund Manager


"Chris is a bulldog - he can work for me anytime!"
Jason Kolbert, NeoStem


"The Renaissance Capital Campaign is highlighted as an excellent example of best practices for narrowing the discount of Closed-End funds."
Thomas Herzfeld Advisors,
in the private study "Best Practices for Closed End Funds to Narrow the Discount"

Below are short summaries of recent client successes. For a more comprehensive analysis, please contact us.

Our current client, Biolase Technology, Inc. was in the process of undergoing a turnaround when we were brought in. The former chairman re-took control of the company and needed the street to understand that big things were happening. We were hired at the end of September of 2010 and have seen the stock rebound as the revived company makes news and rebuilds shareholder value. The company was recently included in the Russell Global and Russell 2000 indexes, and has been named the second best performing stock in the Russell 2000 for the first half of 2011.

Alter NRG is a company that was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and went on the OTCQX to attract U.S. investor interest. When we began the campaign, there was almost zero volume on the QX and the stock was close to an all-time low. During the course of our engagement, we saw the stock rise from $.70 per share to as high as $2.92 per share, and daily volumes averaged 18,000 shares at the conclusion of our campaign.

When CMR began working with Tasker Products, the market capitalization of the company was $4 million and trading 2,000 shares per day. 

Within 30 days, the company's stock had doubled and trading had increased to 50,000 shares per day. During the course of the campaign, CMR saw the market cap rise to $300 million.


Dear Chris, 
This letter is to thank you for your investor relation services over the years. You have always acted in a professional way and provided good solutions in the field of investor relations. You know how to attract media coverage and have helped us on so many occasions with the wording of our press releases. We would recommend your services to others.

Russell Cleveland President, RENN Capital Group, Inc.


"Chris, you have two of our top ten IP companies as clients - you get it!"

Chris Marlett, MDB Capital